“I was looking for hypnosis sessions to heal my inner child as I believed I had some emotional struggles from the past. When I met Dawn with her kindness and generosity I knew that the sessions would be very beneficial. After the second session I started to feel my inner power and confidence to co-create my own reality and prosperity. I will continue with the sessions as I believe I can go further. 

Dawn, I am very grateful to have found you! 

Cristina, Barnet, London

“I had only heard a little about Hypnobirthing and was intrigued as to how it could benefit birthing preparations. From the very first session I knew it would be a huge benefit to me. Dawn lead me into deep relaxation, helped me learn breathing techniques to keep me calm which I can use daily and also during labour.  Each session was tailored to my birth plan and Dawn also asked me prior if there was anything specifically troubling me that she could help me with in the session. Dawn recorded some of the sessions which I have listened to in-between which really helped on days where I couldn’t calm myself or really needed to dive into a meditative state. I look forward to listening to Dawn during my labour as I do feel it will help me stay positive and calm.  If you think you know how to relax, just you wait until you have a session with Dawn!      Thank you

Grace, Staines-upon-Thames

“I am so grateful to Dawn for her calm professionalism in explaining everything I needed to know about Timeline Therapy before we began. My sessions were amazing, relaxing and just so comfortable. I was fearful of hypnotherapy before but Dawn put me at ease from the very first session and I felt confident in trusting the process to find peace within myself. I am now able to turn my fears and negativity around by understanding where it stemmed from in my past and how I can react differently now, in the present day, which is more self loving.  Dawn is inspirational and has helped me so much in moving forward with my life and I also deserved this time for myself to grow, I highly recommend this type of therapy, many thanks Dawn I will be back !

Maeve, Northern Ireland

Dawn has provided me with a hypnobirthing course for the last two months. Hypnobirthing was recommended by my midwives and I thought I would give it a try to help reduce adrenaline during childbirth and increase oxytocin production. I have found her sessions extremely helpful in keeping me calm during these last months of pregnancy. I have felt more positive, relaxed and her sessions have greatly reduced my anxiety regarding birth and motherhood. I will continue to use these techniques in day-to-day life and have found I’m able to keep calm and level-headed in other stressful scenarios. I would highly recommend Dawn for hypnobirthing and have found her friendly persona has really helped me improve my hypnobirthing & relaxation techniques. Thank you for all your help!

Lauren, Godalming

“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Dawn. They were so calming and relaxing. I left the room (in my head!) so many times. It was amazing. Her voice was so calming and melodic. This process has massively managed my anxiety, it stops me in the moment and calms me and puts things back into perspective. Afterwards I feel so refreshed. It is great – everyone should do it!! “

Wendy, Staines-upon-Thames

Dawn is a fantastic therapist, consistently patient and kind. Her demeanour is always professional and calm. I felt completely at ease in her company and thoroughly enjoyed my hypnosis journey with her.”

Melanie, Woking

“I had issues dealing with the worries of my family and friends, Dawn’s sessions and the powerful positive wording she used helped me have time and space in my head to focus on myself and not continually worry about everyone else, learning to be kind to myself without any guilt, amazing progress in just two sessions.”

Gudbjorg, Windsor

“I cannot believe we are at the end of our sessions. It has been quite a journey for me. My sessions with Dawn have been a real joy and a ‘re-learning’ exercise for me. I feel re-balanced, more confident, and much more able to cope. I now see food as food and not something I need to rely on for comfort. I am no longer in the downward spiral of overeating, guilt, self-hatred, and consequently further eating. The relief I feel from this is tremendous. Dawn is an amazing therapist, especially in such extraordinary circumstances.  Who would have ever thought we would be in the grips of a global pandemic when I sought help. I am so glad Dawn could accommodate me at this time, as I was really struggling. I have always been so embarrassed of my overeating and this had stopped me from seeking help in the past, however, she was so understanding, and I never felt judged. Dawn has a very calm, encouraging manner and I felt completely safe and secure during the process. I appreciated her total confidence, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to heal and move forward in my life”.

Lisa, Hampshire

“If I am completely honest I was very sceptical if hypnosis would really work for me.  I wasn’t sleeping at all and was feeling very anxious. However, as soon as Dawn began talking her soothing voice immediately relaxed me. I felt safe and she totally transported me away from my stressful life. After our sessions I always felt completely relaxed with a huge weight having been lifted off my shoulders.  I definitely sleep so much better and my head is just in a better place altogether. I couldn’t recommend Dawn highly enough”.

Alison, Crowthorne

I went to Dawn for my first hypnotherapy experience and we were focusing on my anxiety. Being new and nervous to the process I felt informed and well relaxed before starting. Dawn explained everything and then it flowed beautifully. I found the whole experience helpful and will definitely be using Dawn’s services again

Rachel, Egham

“It was my first experience with hypnotherapy. Dawn instantly put me at ease and I found the relaxation a really positive experience. She continued to work with me on some eating issues. I was sceptical at first but was impressed with my progress and change in attitude towards food and in turn my self confidence, highly recommended therapy”.

Jan, Oxford

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