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Hypnosis or Trance Induction

Hypnosis is “having rapport with our Unconscious Mind.” In other words, when you are in a Trance state the hypnotherapist gives positive suggestions to the Unconscious Mind in order to resolve the problem. Clients always remain conscious and in control, able to come out of the trance at any time if they choose to do so.

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Our Brain is programmed to learn. We have been programming our brains since birth or even before. We have good programmes, bad programmes and outdated programmes. NLP enhances the good programmes, gets rid of the bad programmes and updates the outdated programmes by changing the language we use with ourselves and others.

Time Line Therapy ®

Time Line Therapy® is a journey that your Unconscious Mind takes you into the past to resolve a problem. However instead of reliving the problem you, with the guidance of the therapist, get the Positive Learnings from the past event so you can use these Positive Learnings whenever you need them now and in the future.

How can Hypnotherapy help with overcoming Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy works with the Unconscious Mind. The Unconscious Mind stores all our memories and the emotions connected to each memory.

Here’s how hypnotherapy works for anxiety:

1. First of all, we need to find the Root Cause of the Anxiety, in other words the very first event that caused the Anxiety.

2. Second, we find the Emotions connected to the Root Cause, which can be Frustration, Sadness, Anger and so on.

3. Then by means of Hypnosis or Trance Induction, we can neutralise the Emotions connected to the Root Cause.

How can Hypnotherapy help to get rid of a Phobia?

Hypnosis or Trance Induction is a form of deep relaxationDeep relaxation stimulates the brain to produce Delta Waves (Slow Waves) and Calcineurin. When we combine them together, they de-activate the receptors of the amygdala.  Once these are de-activated the phobia disappears because because we have neutralised the emotions linked to the event.

Managing expectations is crucial when the phobia is gone. It is normal for us to become attached to a problem, like a phobia, especially if we have had it for some time. We need to replace the Phobic state for resourceful states such as joy, contentment, satisfaction or happiness. 

Also, when the phobia is gone, we may even fear that we will become a completely different person, unrecognisable, a stranger to ourselves. That is absolutely not the case. We will feel and behave exactly how we used to feel before the phobia took hold and this freedom will be amazing.

How can Hypnobirthing help YOU ?

woman, pregnant, pregnancy

5 really important reasons why hypnobirthing is good for you and your partner…

Replace fears and anxieties about birth with newfound confidence and trust.

Acquire tools to quickly relax your body and mind in preparation for labour.

Learn breathing techniques that enable you to stay present and connected when labour is at it’s most intense.

Be empowered to make the choices that are best for you and your baby.

Your partner will learn the skills they need to be a supportive and effective birth companion.




30 minute initial consultation (FREE)

Hypnotherapy (50 min session) £50

Hypnobirthing Course - anytime from 26 wks (50 min session) £45

(it is recommended to have between 4-8 sessions - price includes audios/partner script).

Relaxation Session only (30 mins) £25

All sessions are paid in advance. Cancellations with less than 24hrs notice will be charged at the full price. Late arrivals will unfortunately result in a shorter session.

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